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IT'S SMALL WORLD. (Facebook から転載)

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(文中の Fueko Haduki が私のFacebookでのアカウントです)

The 11th in March...when the earthquake hit the JAPAN, I was in a big convention center in Sapporo. Big long lasting quake made the presentation stopped for a while but speaker started talking again. We had no TV in the center so no one knew what happened in TOHOKU at that time. My brother gave me a E-mail to my movile phone at first. He asked me "Are you OK? Shook greatly?" I was confused because my brother was not a guy like Email his sister everyday. I replied "I am OK. No problem" but still puzzled. Then I checked Facebook page via movile phone to find many posts by foreign friends. I got information about TSUNAMI from them.


For Next 48hrs were nightmare. Aftershock, TSUNAMI alarm, incresing number of deaths...and nuclear power station trouble. We could not leave from TV and just waiting for all this situation was over. Naturally I felt uneasy but continuously many friends cheered me up with facebook. At that point foreighners had more correct information because large area of Japan was still in Chaos. Via internet and TV we were getting so many message to Japan from all over the world and international practical support was started at once so I believed whole world was our side.



Then I found this article. It looks written by a Japanese writer who reffering American Journal.




It said Hillary Clinton was angry about Japanese government because of clumsiness on troubled Fukushima nuklear power station. Anti-Japanese feeling is raising in USA now.

I was shocked.





多分タイポとか文法まちがいとかいろいろたくさんあると思いますが、その時のまま転載します。 他の友人の意見を集めてくれた部分はwall post じゃなくメッセージだったので、多少ちぐはぐな部分もあります。

I introduced this article at Facebook with this caption, "ヒラリーさんに激怒されてもなあ。西海岸に飛来するのなんて、福島の30km圏内の何千分の一だというのだろう。合衆国は本土を攻撃されると、本当に簡単に逆上するなあ。(What can we do if Hillary is mad about Japan? How parts per million of radio isotope would reach to the west coast? American people always get panicky so easy when attacked their territory)".

I got response at once.

Nancy Wisser: No one among the people I know has anti-Japanese sentiments. Maybe there are some, but most people are praying for everyone affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problem, and many are contributing money.

Sending best wishes!

Kitty Carlyle: Prayers and hope coming from here, too, in the USA.

I was surprised. I wrote in Japanese but they reed because they cared about us!

I want to show here all our exchange on facebook...

Fueko Haduki: Thank you, Nancy and Kitty. I was relieved! I was afraid all American people are angry about Japanese like Hillary! I feel sorry if nuclear pollutants fly to the USA but we do not mean to. It is accident and victims of this disaster are not responsible for this please don't blame sufferers. It is sorry to say that but I think Japanese cabinet ministers must be accused...I agree with Hillary to this point.

Nancy Wisser: I can't think how anyone could believe that the Japanese wanted this. Japan is suffering from it far more than anyone else. When a calamity happens to any people, it happens to us all. This is a very small world.

Fueko Haduki: Thank you, Nancy. The article said "Anti-Japan feeling are growing in USA becaise of FUKUSHIMA accident". I was shocked! Possibility of radio isotope pollutants may reach to the west coast was raise, sympathy to sufferers were vanished and Anger is emerging instead...the writer said. No way!

Nancy Wisser: Sometimes I think journalists make things sounds as bad as possible so that people get angry and they have something to write about! I can see why you were upset!

Fueko Haduki: So this article said a you think so?

Nancy Wisser: Of course I don't know what everyone is thinking and I won't deny that there are some people in the US who are strangely mean-spirited about everyone but themselves, but if I were to judge by people I have spoken to, there is nothing but good will and prayers for the nation and people of Japan.

Nancy Wisser: One of my friends has a son who lives there and he has been sending notes of the conditions and how people are helping one another. It is a very positive view of the Japanese people. If there are Americans who are angry or hateful toward Japan, I have not met or spoken to them. That's all I know. :-)

Fueko Haduki: Thank you, Nancy! I have many american friends so I could not believe they blame Japanese. I felt so sad when I reed this article. Your words gave me a light again :)

Nancy Wisser: I asked my friends. I will send you the responses they have sent so far.


Nancy Wisser: Friends' responseHere is what people have said so far:

Peter Wallack: I have heard nothing but compassion for the Japanese on Facebook, in the media and in conversation.

Rebecca Radcliff: I can't imagine where that's coming from, that's all I've heard as well...though maybe some have taking insult to the government urging the American citizens in Japan to evacuate? That's about all I could possibly think of...but who knows? There are a lot of us praying and trying to help with this devastating event.

Jez Reell: Not heard that here in the UK.

So it isn't just me who is surprised by that article. These people have heard nothing like that either. :-) People can imagine how they would feel if it had happened here. The Japanese people are so like us in many ways. (Good ways. Lol.)..

Fueko Haduki: Thank you very much! I could not believe what the article said but my heart was broken at the same time...I must ask my friend first!..

Nancy Wisser: So glad I saw your post and put it into Google Translate. I would be so sad to think people believed that article, while everyone I know is watching the news and feeling so much in their hearts for the people of Japan!

Here is another friend's answer:

Mike Williams: It’s probably some crack-pot minority group that has muppet as their leader who makes good television. Tell your friend that every person of sense in the world hurts for Japan and the suffering of her people.

So true! ?..

Fueko Haduki: I have no word to appreciate your all these kindness. When I was hit by the earthquake, I was isolated in a convention center in HOKKAIDO. I had no chance to watch TV so I did not how the disasuter was big till end of the conference. So first nortice I got was from you and Kitty. Then another friend in Romania, another in France...because many place in Japan, function for telephone was broken at that time...

Fueko Haduki: Can I write a note about all this story? I want to tell all my Japanese friends what you and your friends thought about us. That article was big in Japan so many Japanese were disapointed now...

Nancy Wisser: How frightening it must have been for you as you learned what had happened. Of course when disaster happens, we think of our friends safety, whether they are close or far away.

I am still getting more messages of people caring. I will send them again soon...

Nancy Wisser: Just saw your second note. Sorry I missed it first. Yes, I would be happy for you to write a note and tell people how the real people of the United States feel, not the journalists or government!..

Nancy Wisser: More:

Rebecca Radcliff: Right on, Mike. Even folks who normally do not show a lot of sympathy for natural disasters have been talking about Japan and really feeling for what's happened over there.

Donna Hughes: I think it is horrible what has happened there to a society that has tried to be prepared for such things. I can only try to imagine the sense of loss, upheaval and bewilderment they must be feeling over there where theirfamilies and lives have been demolished. I have nothing but sympathy for the Japanese people...

Fueko Haduki: Since last Friday we have got mant warm message from all over the world especially from the the article made me feel like...betrayed. Once you got annoyed by us, american people stopped sympathy with us? I must confess...I wrote caption for the article with sadness and anger. I am sorry. I am not fair. I must ask you before I believe the writer!

Fueko Haduki: 後で記事にまとめたいと思います。アメリカで「反日感情」が起こっているというのは、この記者の勝手な憶測で、多くのアメリカ人は今でも日本を心配し、応援している、とNancyとKittyが反論してくれました。




Nancy Wisser: We understand how the article could make you feel angry, so no need to be sorry. It was an opportunity to show our friendship on both sides, listening and learning. We are sorry that anyone from our country could feel angry at your people in their state of hardship. We send sincere good wishes to everyone there.

Fueko Haduki: I will write whole this story and show as a note on Facebook. It must be encourage all Japanese! Thank you again, Nancy!